The Shipwreck (2015)

A new touristic attraction opening in late 2014 that presents an exciting docudrama about the shipwreck of Saint Paul and his three month stay in Malta.

Massimo My
Production Companies
CAK-Extreme Effects,
Paul Darmanin, Dalia Kandalaft
Line Producer
Kenneth Kassar
Production Designer & Costume Designer
Ino Bonello
Art Director
Chris Bonello, Cesco Bonello
Vendor/ Costume
Bovardia Films Ltd /Nimar Studios Group Footwear & Frame di Gianfranco Pierantoni Pierantoni Atelier


Henry Zammit Cordina
Malcolm Ellul
Roberto De Santis
James Cutajar
Veronica Bonnici D'Ugo
Dimitri Giannakoudakis
Sandro Camileri
Yuric Allison
Michael Fenech
Giovanni My
Alexander G Lewis
Josette Lewis
Dalia Kandalaft
Luana Massa
Mattea Muscat


This docudrama is about the encounter of Saint Paul the Apostle and the island of Malta. It tells the story of the last trip of the Apostle towards Rome, towards the sentence of his martyrdom because of his conversion to Christianity. As a Roman citizen he had the right to appear in front of Caesar and be judged in Rome. It is an experience of what Saint Paul had to go through to arrive to Malta and how this had changed its history forever. It also shows today's places that are related to this story of the shipwreck and the three months stay of the Apostle on the Maltese land